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What is your minimum spend? 

Currently our minimum spend is $3.3k for weddings. This minimum could be for an intimate elopement style sized wedding. Please see my enquiry form for more budget examples.


How does this whole thing work?

We will take you through the booking journey as we discuss details on your event to create a design brief which reflects your vision. After your enquiry and some details, we will create a quote. Once a contract is signed and a 30% deposit paid, your booking will be confirmed. Depending on the size of your wedding we will have 1-2 meetings prior to your event. 

Can I add items after I'm booked in?

Absolutely. We understand that ideas change as your wedding date comes closer, with most couples booking 6 months-2 years in advance. You're welcome to add items, however no more than 10% can be deducted from the quote agreed upon in your contract.

Can I repurpose the ceremony flowers?

Potentially! It depends on the design, location, weather and other variables. It's quite specific to each wedding whether it's possible, this can be discussed and a design created so the ceremony flowers can be used across two spaces. 


What happens to the flowers after the wedding?

You're welcome to take all of the flowers! Please do so prior to leaving the venue. Otherwise, we take everything as we pack down after the reception


Do you offer candles?

We do offer candles, if this is something you're interested in please mention it in your email/enquiry. All candles come in glass hurricanes for the safety of guests and rules by most venues. We highly recommend adding candles to your wedding. They make for a cosy and intimate setting.


Do you offer styling packages?

Absolutely, if this is something you're interested in please include in your enquiry form and we can work together on creating an aesthetic. 


I live Interstate or Overseas

Please still fill out an enquiry form and mention where you're based/the destination of your wedding. We are very open to travel and can adjust the quote accordingly. 


How many other weddings/events will you schedule in the same week of my event?

We never take on too much, we prefer to take on limited events so we can focus our energy on 1-2 clients per week. 


I really want a particular flower!

We can never promise any specific flower to our clients due to seasonality, logistics and availability, though we will always do our best to source exactly what you want. We also offer gorgeous substitutions in its place if needed.


I hired a clear marquee, in summer, what are your policies?

If you have hired a clear marquee, we, Evebud Blooms, are not responsible for the state of your florals once we have left the venue. Clear Marquees in summer get EXTREMELY hot and we are unable to guarantee the life of your florals because of this. Ps; clear marquees are incredible for winter! 


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