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I'm Evebud...

It's great to meet you...

I was the first bub to be born on my mum Rose's side of the family. Affectionately named 'Evebud' to naturally mimic my mum's nickname of 'Rosebud'...the name stuck, so it only felt right to name my business for my beloved nickname. ​

Evebud brings me back to the beginning of how I learnt to express thoughts, moods and feelings through my painting, drawing and arrangements. 

Captivated by the outdoors...

Connected to Nature

All four of my grandparents played a huge role in my fascination with plants and flowers. I would spend hours and hours in their gardens, repeating botanical names; fixated on painting or drawing the most picture-perfect, realistic flowers I could.


One variety I mastered was my beautiful grandmother's funky-stemmed melon-toned poppies, which were her absolute favourite.

Spending hot summer holidays at my Aunt and Uncle's flower farm, Kidman Flowers, I loved learning about different varieties of Australian and African natives; how they feel all of your care and then return their own love back to you in the following years.

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